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Air Force 2 is specifically built Kiwi Airboat designed for NZ conditions and based on one of the most respected fibreglass hulls available in USA. Sure, there are aluminium hulls available in the states but none with the handling characteristics to handle the tight twisty shingle riverbeds of Aotearoa.

The result is Air Force 2 an 8 seater Airboat able to negotiate shallow shingle braided rivers in an armchair ride. There is nothing like an airboat ride on the Waimakariri. 

She is powered by a 6.8itre LSX Chev (LS3 swinging an LS7 crankshaft)  producing 600ft pds of torque and just shy of 600hp and all that goes through a 2.3:1 Century Reduction Drive to turn an 83" Whirlwind propellor

The result is an exhilarating experience that leaves you with a feeling of floating over wet stones with effortless ease.   

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